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I feel very strongly about equality and rights. I have strong faith, and i respect everyones opinions whether i feel the same or not. I enjoy knowing that others are happy. And i wish to help people throughout my life.

Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm Back

Alright guys, i know its been awhile,, about...ehhh... 11 months? well i plan on writing again. i hopw you enjoy. Oh yea,, and i now live in Okinawa Japan(: so Arizona is in my past. I'm kind of Q? the fact that i keep my identity from you guys. And i wonder if i should tell you my age and sex? You tell me. Ill be writing soon.
Bless you all.
Equality we shall share.
Nicole Clarice


  1. Hiding bits of yourself just helps readers understand your idea of "All opinions, beliefs, faiths, and ways" are welcome idea more understandable. ^_^
    My dream is to one day live in Japan (but more in like old-time Japan like the Gion district). What is it like?

    and if you have time please check out my blog

  2. its beautiful.. i love in okinawa,, much different from the states more peaceful.


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