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I feel very strongly about equality and rights. I have strong faith, and i respect everyones opinions whether i feel the same or not. I enjoy knowing that others are happy. And i wish to help people throughout my life.

Sunday, July 31, 2011


Confused by the tears that will not fall,
kept prisoner by the flood within.
Chained by the idea of being stranded,
surrounded by everything you want,
lacking all that you need.
How could you possibly put this to words?
Cradled by those who stand def,
who stand blind.
Why must you go through such anguish?
Fighting a battle already lost.
Pushed to your breaking point.
Then pulled back below the surface.
Standing strong among others,
why of course,
the easiest pain starts with a lie.
To scream would be momentary satisfaction.
Too soon choked by the warden you know to be breathlessness.
Pushing through it all to seem just fine,
Grin and Bare it.
When the final straw is thrown upon your back,
seemingly strong to others,
You collapse.

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