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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Finding Myself

So there is life staring me in the face,
telling me all i need to know.
Not of living, or of pain.
Of sunshine, or of rain.
But of the journey one must take.
Not through age,
Not through love,
but of finding myself.
As if i've lost my name,
misplaced my sense of being.
The winds roll through me,
the buzzing of the bugs drum on.
I stand staring life in the face;
"find yourself,
through yourself you will find others.
'else pain will show you loneliness,
pain will prove you lost,
for only you,
the you that's true,
will be free of pain,
free of torture.
For now, you seek others.
For now you wait for yourself to pick up the phone;

"I'm here, come and find me."

No such thing will be.
No such pain will leave.
Too much seeking of relief,
you have lost yourself.
Buried you deep, deep inside.
Too busy wishing to be free.
To float with the wind like the seed of the dandelion.
To spread your wings and fly.
One may not fly, if one is not first Found.

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