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Friday, August 7, 2009

Love vs. Religion

It is said in the bible that homosexuality is a sin and shall be punishable by death. Think. Why? Because it is also said that any child who is to disbehave or disobey is to be punished by death. It is said that both shall be condemned. So why now are there children free to walk the streets everyday, clearly being disrespectful and breaking rules. Why now shall man be able to eat shellfish freely. This may be found humorous to some, but in all truth, these things are rarely thought about.
Yet, homosexuality is of such high rankings in the list of issues being dealt with today. I happen to understand why people would feel so strongly about the topic, but why, i ask, why is it that such hatred is bestowed upon the homosexual man/woman. Why is it that sin is so much more inportant to man than is faith and the fact that God made every man in his eyes.
I wonder why people don't think of how God loves everyone for who they are. Why is it is that the sinners choose to bestow punishment and hate on those who are seen as different. I believe that ignorance is the seed of misunderstanding and misinterpretation. If man would put aside what they once believed to be good and safe, we could all be comfortable with the differences that humanity bring.
Most people are too hardpressed to believe that they could be wrong. To look past titles and see the truth of what a person is inside. We now find it so easy to look past the simple rules of life. The things we learn in kindergarten. Such as "the golden rule" and things that were taught to us so that we could get along with others and make friends. The since of innocence that children have is what people seem to lose when they become adults. When you think about it, adults can be quite hypocritical. "Treat others how you want to be treated.", "Everyone's different.", "Except the differences of others." and etc. Simple lines that we have all heard from our elders and/or parents at some point or time.
Why shouldn't we follow these rules as adults. The constitution doesn't say that all man should be treated equal, unless the bible says otherwise. Now does it? I'd like to remind you that the Bible was written my mortal man. The Bible was written how one man felt it went down, and it has been changed over time, depending on what was believed to be alright or wrong in that point and time.
People do seem to be so caught up in religion, though religion is man made. It is based on opinion. I do have faith, i believe in God and Jesus Christ. I believe in sin and praire. But i don't understand how people can place they're opinion above others and make the life of others miserable because of their differences, and or beliefs. Love should not be held under standards. I personaly feel better knowing that another child of God is happythe way they are, and that they have someone that makes them happy.
Ofcourse i understand that there are people that do not have faith and they don't believe that God exists at all, and i respect that. However, for those who do, why not allow other people to live with love and happiness. Why make other peoples sins known when you have your own?
Though it will be difficult to change the way many people see homosexuality, we should at least try to fight for equality. If you do not believe in Gay Rights, that's fine. I resspect that, but why not stand up for love. And the happiness of those around you.

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