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Friday, August 7, 2009

Thinking of That Someone

Have you ever became so attached to that someone special by heart, by mind, that he/she is on your mind constantly. Whether it's, how are they doing? or man i love them, or just sending a mental prayer to God to keep THEM safe. Or to make sure THEY have a good day, no matter how cruddy ur day is going.
Some say it's love, some say its crushing, or a step down from obsession. Hmmm....but, what if you know, or are just short of positive that they don't feel the same way tward you. Or maybe that you just can't let go of that someone, knowing clearly that it shall never be. You know you can't let go, that's how it gets to you. That's what makes you want that person so much more.
That's what makes the pain dig in just a little deeper when you think it's not possible.
How could this be? You ask. Well love, crushes, obsession. these aren't just feelings. How you FEEL about this person. How you wish they would FEEL about you.
Love, Crushing, Obsession. They are of the few emotional ABILITIES known to man. While anger, sadness, guilt, and pain are mear FEELINGS.
Love, Crushing, Obsession are and will always be abilities.

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  1. I've never looked at it that way before... I love your blog :)



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