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I feel very strongly about equality and rights. I have strong faith, and i respect everyones opinions whether i feel the same or not. I enjoy knowing that others are happy. And i wish to help people throughout my life.

Monday, August 10, 2009

She'd say.

In a daze, most would say.
But she'd say in a fog.
Head in the clouds they complain,
but she'd claim it's drowning in the dropless rain.
So fustrating! They scream.
Though she'd say it's just the lightening.
Storms of anger, fustration, maybe hurt.
Winds of tears, threatening to spill over the heart.
Rains of deep breaths, hoping to get over the stress.
That's what she'd say.


  1. seems to me a little dark but uplifting.
    they are frustrated and scream,
    as lightening is just a flash of angry energy
    she sees it as a fleeting burst and doesnt get upset and scream.
    just my take on it. it seems lacking, like there should be more but I don't know what.
    cool tho :D

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  3. Nice additions - keep it up!



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