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Sunday, August 9, 2009


The pressure a teenager feels on their first day of school.
No, first day of highschool. Big difference right?
Well easy for us to say when, well, we've been through it already. Why this topic? You may be asking of my blog. Well because, fankly, it is coming to a time where kids all over our country are going back to school.
Not only is a time to scam a bunch of parents out their money for 'popular' clothes, backpacks, and acceseries. Or buying school supplies. But it is a time where a child has grown a year older. Learned a years worth of things more. Changed who they wanted to be, and made stronger opinions on how they saw things.
Though first impressions may be changed, well, seeing it through a teenager's eyes, their first day is (at the time anyways) the most important day of their young lives, and it is our job to present to out young beings that there is so much more and to insure that they are given every opportunity to begin their lives as young adults.

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  1. I remember both the first and last day of high school, and how much I changed in the days in between. I didn't grow an inch physically during those four years, but I grew meters in my understanding of myself and the world around me.

    Nice post,

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